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Smart Chakra helps keep a good check on the health of the tyre and maintain the precise recommended air pressure and tyre temperature levels. On receiving information that the tyre is low/ high on pressure, SmartChakra’s unique system automatically inflates or deflates the tyre based on the requirement. We use IoT for the exchange of data that helps control the system.


The air source sends the air through the pneumatic valves. These valves control the flow of air to the vehicle tyres depending on the tyre pressure using the sensors that send feedback to the valve to either allow or cut off the flow of air.



It is designed as a customized retro-fitting model that connects the joint to the valve stem of the tyre. The tyre is inflated as soon as the sensor in the tyre experiences a pressure drop and intimates the user in the driver’s seat by displaying the low pressure of the tyre on the dashboard or the app, that warns the user to drive cautiously based on the users’ preference.


The sensor continuously keeps monitoring the tyre pressure and intimates the user as and when the pressure drops or rises.

The sensors communicate using a Bluetooth device with the valve, app and the dashboard of the car via a common server.

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Customizable and Retro-fitting Solutions for any section of the automotive sector!



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