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About Us

Here is the problem we aim at solving:

Low or high tyre pressure always increases the probability of encountering an accident. According to the NHTSAI, the number of accidents that are caused due to 25% lesser tyre pressure is 3 times more than the normal accidents.


Having under/ over inflated tyres have its own repercussions: 

1.   Tyre longevity is reduced

2.   Wear and tear of the tyre is increased

3.   Instability in the equilibrium of the vehicle

4.   Safety of the driver, the goods he/she is carrying and the surroundings the vehicle is being driven.

Carbon emissions are at an all-time high and show no signs of slowing down. India's carbon emissions dwarf the global average.

Image by Clarissa Watson
Image by Haris Korovesis
Image by Haris Korovesis


One stop solution for all your automotive problems.

Easy to install

Our solution is a customizable retro-fitting model where we work with your team to understand your needs to serve you better. 


We believe in serving people with top quality products most effectively and economically.


We breathe by the principles of offering reliable, durable and efficient solutions that satisfy all your demands.

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